Wedding Design Invitations

We're excited to announce our first wedding invitation album, now available in collaboration with Printswell. This album features watercolor designs by Flower and Vine, formatted and customizable for any invitation need!  Send us an email with the name of the suite you're interested in, and we'll customize your invitation! Click here to take a look at the Wedding Design Alum

How It Works

Interested in one of our pre-created invitation designs? Great!

Information about how we can customize your special design found below!

1. Flip through one of the albums above

2. Email us through the form below. Please include as much information as you currently know (quantity, style or design name from the album, timeline, fonts you prefer if you've gotten that far, and any other information!)

3. We'll get back to you asap. From there, we'll customize the design with the text and fonts that you'd like, and will work with you back and forth until your design is ready to go! Once ready, we will have your invitations printed and shipped directly to you. 


4. Pricing can be found on page 4-5 of the invitation album, but we can discuss that in more detail! Payment will be made once the designs are finalized.

Thanks! Message sent.