Size: 14 x 17

Oil on Canvas Sheet


We recommend this type of simple and affordable frame:


(this is not a stiff painting. Would need to either be stretched or framed inside of a glass frame, OR our main suggestion would be to get a floating frame like the suggested amazon one above.)




This was the third part of a three part impressionism series, exploring a scene of yellow tulips in an impressionist style.  The story behind this painting started shortly after moving to Boulder, Colorado, when I felt inspired to try out different artistic styles and found myself actively admiring impressionist still life paintings. Often, when I'm really excited about a painting, I have trouble sleeping and turning my brain off, as the urge to create wells up. That was the case with this painting series!



Painting will be shipped rolled up in a hard mailing tube. Please note **this is not done on a stiff canvas. Because of its non standard dimensions, this oil on canvas sheet would either need to be framed custom or in one of these easy stellar hanging frames.


Pink Tulips #3