Size: 30" x 40" x 1.5"

Oil on Canvas


Painted December 2019-February 2020

Painting extends on the edges of the painting

Includes Walnut Frame


After four rainy, windy days spent in Edinburgh, the sun came out and the rain cleared away. A trace of Scottish grey still hung in the air, but in a comforting, cozy, “you’re here” kind of way. After a few days filled with museums, hourly coffee stops, reading, and being still inside, we were excited and eager to venture up Arthur’s seat. With the sun shining down, we sported our shorts for the first time in a month and trudged our way up the side of the small “Mountian” overlooking the beautiful city I’ve grown to love. We sat down before we got to the top (and the masses of people) on the cold and slightly damp grass, but didn’t mind as we both read our books and soaked in this dreamt-of moment; a little snack for me, and some explanation from Glen about the coding storyline in the intricate novel he was reading. After a quick stop on the top of Arthur’s seat, we ventured down the side (making up our own route and slipping around in the process), and down the back side to a path less traveled. Back to scones and a flat white 20 minutes walk away, taking with me one of many sweet opportunistic moments from 2019.


Painting comes unframed. Price above includes the cost of the painting. The cost of shipping will be calculated once painting is purchased, ranging from $75-$100 depending on location.  Cost for shipping will be billed after purchase. Painting will be available for pickup or drop off in the Austin / San Antonio area at no additional cost. 



SOLD -Arthur's Seat, 30" x 40" x 1.5